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Many traveler and tourists come from Bangkok by train, bus or minivan to Ayutthaya to see the historical national park with old temples and beautiful gardens. After Sukhothai Ayutthaya become the second capital of Siam. The historical Buddhist temples are unique and especially at sunset time a beautiful sight in Thailand. Wat Phra Si Sanphet is the biggest temple ruin in Ayutthaya Thailand but as well Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit, Wat Phra Mahathat, Wat Ratchaburana and Wat Thammikarat are worth to visit. Ayutthaya in Thailand has a cozy nightlife scene with some guest houses, bars and restaurants in downtown. At Soi Torgorsor are some accommodations for backpackers and tourists. The most guest houses and hotels in Ayutthaya have as well a restaurant and bar with local and international food and drinks. Another highlight in the capital of Thailandís Ayutthaya province are the boat tours over the Chao Phraya River by long tail boat. The boats can be hire at the pier next to Chanthara Kasem National Museum and at Pom Phet pier. The UNESCO listed historical park is easy to explore by bike, walk or by tram taxi which you can book at the travel agencies in Ayutthaya downtown. Many tourists come from Kanchanaburi and from the capital of Thailand to see the beautiful old temple ruins in Ayutthaya. Some days there are worth for all backpackers and cultural tourists in Thailand in South East Asia.

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